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It's Good to See You?

Because you.

You are what makes art special. Everyone who pours their heart into their work is what makes art, well, art! And that is truly good to see!


It's Good to See You Productions was founded in December of 2021 and borne out of the coronavirus pandemic.


IGTSY's founder, Keegan Westra, had been working in theatre for over a decade when he decided to make a career of it and earn a formal education at the University of Georgia... in the spring of 2020. The theatre world, and of course the education world, came to a standstill. When graduating in December of 2021, in-person theatre was back and Westra directed his senior capstone project, "Sorry, Wrong Number." After nearly two years of limited interactions with people and audience members, it was clearer than ever that what makes theatre, and any art form, are the people involved. A production company was established.

IGTSY's primary focus is collaboration. We believe that, with the right leadership, the more heads the better. We encourage new, local artists to get their feet wet and provide them with the tools and support they need to bring their ideas to life. If you are a writer, actor, director, producer, or just have cool ideas you want to be creative with, please jump over to our "Contact Us" page and get to know us! We can't wait to meet up and talk. It will be good to see you!

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